Wooden graphomotor board - Pre-writing board - Alphabet board


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Tabla grafomotricidad madera

Tabla de preescritura en madera maciza, ideal para aprender a identificar las primeras letras. Versión en minúsculas. Las tablas de grafomotricidad permitirán a los niños trabajar el trazo, y asimilar y asentar el aprendizaje de la escritura de una manera divertidad y lúdica.

Wooden graphomotor board

Pre-writing board in solid wood, ideal for learning to identify the first letters. Lowercase version. The graphomotor boards will allow the children to work on their strokes and to assimilate and consolidate the learning of writing in a fun and playful way.

Pre-writing board dimensions:

36,5 x 1,8 x 27 cm


Besides helping them learn the outline of the letters, the board includes a pointed wooden pencil which will let them master the use of the forearm, wrist, hand, and fingers. They will also gain confidence in the use of pencils, crayons, and chalk.

Our carved wooden boards facilitate learning and allow the child to learn by himself by tracing and touching in a sensory manner. With the graphomotor boards, children will assimilate symbols, spellings, learn to read, write and draw.

✔ Perfect for improving graphomotor skills.

✔ Improves pencil handling

✔ Develops vocabulary, learning colors, basic concepts, etc

Ideas and resources to use the graphomotor board:

To encourage the learning of the letters, here are some ideas to get more out of the pre-writing chart:

  • Color the vowels in one color, and the consonants in another color
  • Go over the letters of their name with the wooden pencil.
  • Fill in the outlines of the letters with chickpeas, seeds, and/or other elements
  • Make transfers with plasticine and drawing the outline of the letters
  • Go over the letters with colored chalk
  • and…much more!
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Dimensions 36,5 × 1,8 × 27 cm

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