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Wooden toys

Wooden toys

Make your children have fun while they learn. Discover our collection of educational toys

If your child is one of those who do not stand still and need constant activity, we leave you our recommendation of specific toys for active children.s.

Looking for something to suit their little hands? Here is our selection of toys and furniture specifically for babies.

Surprise your children with an original gift for their birthday or for Christmas. Discover our selection of original gifts for children and babies. 

If you are a handmade lover and you know how to value a good handmade work, this is your section. Discover the toys made by our artisans.

Toys by pedagogy

Make your children have fun while they learn. Discover our collection of toys inspired by Montessori pedagogy.

Discover our range of products and toys inspired by the pedagogy that encourages the free movement of kids.

Selection of products inspired by the pedagogy of light, experimentation and learning of Reggio Emilia educational pedagogy.

Toys by age group

Here is our selection of products and toys for early childhood.

Find our products and toys for children from one to two years old.

Discover our selection of products ideal for children between 2 and 3 years old.

Looking for something for a little one over 3 years old? Don't miss this selection of items.

Top selling products

Still don't know what your child needs? What area would you like to develop?

Would you like to promote your child's autonomy? We show you a selection of articles to work and encourage it, essential for children to learn to perform various tasks by themselves and becoming the protagonists of their own learning.

Check out our selection of wooden toys, exclusively designed for learning numbers, sorting, counting and mathematics, inspired by Montessori pedagogy. Teach them while they have fun.

Do you want your child to become familiar with alphabet? Is he/she just starting to read? Discover our selection of materials inspired by the Montessori method for learning letters and starting to read and write.

Work on fine motor skills with our selection of fun materials made of wood, ideal to promote manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and skills of the youngest members of the family.

If you already know the benefits of free movement to improve children's balance, self-confidence and psychomotor development, don't miss our selection of materials inspired by Emmi Pikler's pedagogy.

Discover our collection of toys to develop and strengthen their brain plasticity from the first months of life. Improve their acquisition of skills and abilities, and encourage and boost their abilities and areas of development with our selection for babies.

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