How to choose the ideal Pikler triangle for my child

How to choose the ideal Pikler triangle for my child

If you are thinking about buying a pikler triangle or staircase, but you don't know how to choose the ideal pikler triangle for your child, we tell you what things you should evaluate when doing so.

As we have already mentioned in our blog on other occasions, the use of Pikler triangles and other elements to encourage free movement of our babies. Free movement has a lot of benefits both in their development and in their learning. Although there are many resources available, the Pikler triangle is usually the star element of this type of furniture thanks to the versatility and multitude of options it offers. It can also be combined with other elements such as the Pikler cube or rocker.

For those of you who are not very familiar with the Pikler pedagogy, here is what it consists of and why it is a worldwide reference. The free movement theory of the pediatrician Emmi Pikler is based mainly on giving the baby the possibility to move freely. Another of its fundamental pillars is to allow the child to explore the space that surrounds him from his first months, in order to develop all his abilities.


What is the Pikler Triangle for?

The Pikler elements and furniture can be configured as follows as a safe space. They can be classified as playground-type elements that allow children to move freely. Their use is recommended for children from 6 months to 5 years of age, approximately. Unlike traditional swings, are designed for children to play on their own.  The main objective is for play to emerge independently and without direct parental intervention, so that they can explore their own limits.

What kind of triangles can I find?

At Little Kiri, we offer several types of triangles depending on the age, psychomotor development or social characteristics of the child.sBasically, we can find two triangle sizes, un a large pikler trianglewith sides of 100 cm and a height of 87 cm, and a small Pikler triangle whose maximum height does not exceed 77cm. 

Ideally, choose a folding triangle model. to avoid space problems, so they can be easily stored under the bed, behind a door, or in the place we have designated for it. 

As previously mentioned, Pikler's triangle can be combined with other elements such as the pikler ramppiker cube el Pikler rocker. If you are looking for other pikler materials such as the pikler changing table or the pikler baby crawling mat, you can consult our pikler catalog..

Example of a large Pikler triangle

How to choose the ideal Pikler triangle for my child?

Now,how do I know which Pikler triangle is right for my child?? ¿What size should I choose? Don't worry, we tell you how choosing the ideal Pikler triangle. First of all we must take into account the age of the child to whom it is destined:

Child's age

  • If your child is  8 to 18/24 months approximately, we recommend the small triangle,because although it is most likely that he will not be able to climb it completely, he will start by climbing the first steps and will end up acquiring enough self-confidence to achieve it.
  • From 2 years of age , we recommend the large triangle..

What if my child is younger but very active?

However, if your child has is under two years of age, but has developed psychomotor skills and isable to climb and climb on his own whatever the obstacle, or it is a very restless child., who needs constant activity, new challenges, we propose two options:

The large triangle with ramp, or if you have enough space, the complete pack of Pikler, which includes Triangle + Ramp + Cubeavailable with large or small triangle.

I have more than one child who will use the Pikler furniture and they are of different ages.

If you have more than one child, or there is an older sibling at home who could use the triangle as well, we recommend you to choosing the large triangle.. In this way, both children will be able to feel comfortable in it, help each other, and encourage free movement of both children.. If we want to complete the circuit and we have more space available, we can complement the Pikler pack with a rockerwhich can be used as a bridge, to which the ramp can be attached or which can be used to promote and improve our child's balance.

Pikler Triangle Pricing

One of the main problems we find with Pikler materials is their high price in some stores. Although it is true that we cannot get carried away exclusively by this, we must take it into account when choosing our model. There are a multitude of prices and options available on the market. It will also depend on whether we want a more or less customized product. 

In general, the prices of pikler triangles range from approximately 160 to 300 €. If we buy the elements separately, it will probably be more expensive. For example, it is cheaper to buy a Pikler packIf you are looking for a cheap but quality, safe and sturdy pikler triangle, you have to buy the triangle on one side, the ramp on the other side and a pikler cube on the other side. If you are looking for a cheap but quality, safe and sturdy pikler triangle, the cheapest model of our pikler triangle with ramp is 160€ in wood color. You can see more info here.

Customize my pikler triangle

Since the pikler triangles are handmade, they can be customized. Elements such as the finish, the color, or even the type of ramp, if we want it with a climbing wall type pikler ramp for example. We can also find models on the market that allow the child's name to be engraved on the side, or even a phrase on the ramp.

In summary, to choose the ideal pikler triangle, the ability of the child or children who will use it, as well as their age or the family circumstances that will determine its use (for example, joint use by siblings of different ages, or if it is for a children's center, etc.) must be taken into account.

Triángulo pikler plegable

¿Es mejor un triángulo pikler fijo o uno de madera?. Para responder a esta pregunta tenemos que valorar el uso y el espacio del que dispondremos en nuestra casa para almacenarlo. Para colegios con salas de motricidad destinadas exclusivamente a ese uso, un triángulo fijo puede ser una buena solución si no necesitamos guardarlo nunca. Sin embargo, para el resto de escuelas infantiles, centros, o domicilios particulares los triángulos pikler plegables son la mejor opción cuando contamos con espacio reducido. 

Los triángulos pikler plegables son fáciles de guardar y ocupan poco espacio. Podremos guardarlos debajo de la cama, detrás de una puerta o en algún hueco que tengamos disponible. 

A continuación te dejamos un vídeo que explica cómo plegar el triángulo de pikler.

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